Join us in celebrating WBRH's 40th year!

about 4 months ago
Join us in celebrating WBRH's 40th year!


It is the mission of the Radio Training Program, WBRH-FM and KBRH-AM to ensure that (1) The radio facility serves as a tool to facilitate students' abilities to learn and teachers' abilities to teach. (2) Every student be provided with the opportunity to have hands-on experience at the stations and to become lifelong learners by developing basic knowledge and skills, creating literary and artistic works, and applying and testing problem-solving strategies. (3) The Program enhances the schools' ability to be a place where knowledge is created and where students actively participate in the learning process. 

Not only does your donation support the enjoyment of smooth jazz but it also supports a valuable radio training program at Baton Rouge High School. Close to 50% of WBRH and KBRH’s operating costs are dependent on listener support. 

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